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The Soup

5 Nov

In my humble opinion, the most consistently funny show on cable television is The Soup. For those unfamiliar, it is basically a thirty minute block of humorous clips from various talk, reality, and news shows during the week. I suppose that in the realm of comedic television, this show has an unfair advantage, seeing that it doesn’t need to actually write a fresh new script every week, but it never fails to entertain. The great thing about this show is that it exhibits all the ridiculous bits of shows I either don’t have the time or wouldn’t be caught dead watching (RuPaul’s Drag Race, Wendy Williams, any VH1 reality show, any reality show involving the “height-impaired”). The host, Joel Mchale is also a highlight, managing to toe the line between being outrageously funny without being obnoxious. Give the show a chance, I realize that its on the E! network, but its worth it. It airs every Friday night at 10PM, which I always miss, but it gets rerun throughout the week. Its sister show, The Dish, hosted by Topanga, is also pretty good, but she lacks the charisma of Mchale.

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Moment on the Lips, Lifetime on the Hips

5 Nov

This show makes me want to stab my eyes out.

In Case You Missed It

4 Nov

Last night South Park aired the second installment of it’s superhero-themed “Coon and Friends” saga. At this point the story is getting ridiculous, but its still pretty funny. Last week they did a spoof of BP CEO Tony Hayward’s “I’m Sorry” commercials. This week they decided to stick with the same sort of theme but instead parody Lebron James’ “Rise” commercial. I guess it might be more humorous if you actually watched the episode, but if you don’t watch South Park……I don’t like you.

And the original:

The Kid

4 Nov



Crosby decides he’s tired of being called a pussy and decides to throw down with Matt Niskanen. Maybe all these Flyers fans will stop making fun of him now. If only he could grow a real moustache…….

Honestly, I think fighting in hockey is kind of getting ridiculous. It seems like every game somebody has to drop gloves and go after someone else. Half the time, it seems like they aren’t even trying to hurt the other guy……like they are just doing it for show. The refs usually just stand around and watch. I’m all for a little bit of bloodletting in sports, but at least make it interesting and show some effort.

Letters From Home

22 Sep

So I was going through some of my papers today and I came across this. This is a note from my cousin Stanley that I received when I was at OCS. Stanley is a retired USMC Captain Force Recon (read:badass). He sent me a letter the first time I was away, but this one really moved me. Times were tough, and when I received this we were getting ready to hump out for our “hell week.” Everyone was really tense, but this letter really helped lift my spirits. Nothing compared to getting mail at the end of a long day. It felt good to know that you weren’t alone, and it brought about a sense of normalcy, albeit a temporary one.

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The Horror

22 Sep

……I’m probably going to Hell for this

Say It Ain’t So

21 Sep

Christina Hendricks. Like finding out Santa isn’t real…..:(