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In Case You Missed It

4 Nov

Last night South Park aired the second installment of it’s superhero-themed “Coon and Friends” saga. At this point the story is getting ridiculous, but its still pretty funny. Last week they did a spoof of BP CEO Tony Hayward’s “I’m Sorry” commercials. This week they decided to stick with the same sort of theme but instead parody Lebron James’ “Rise” commercial. I guess it might be more humorous if you actually watched the episode, but if you don’t watch South Park……I don’t like you.

And the original:


Dey Took Errr Jobs!!!!

29 Jun

This past weekend, I had quite an interesting conversation. I usually work from 8 PM to 2:30 AM every weekend at a bar downtown. My responsibilities include checking IDs, keeping the peace and scoping out hot babes. Typically I stay inside, but as the night drags on, I stand out front to people watch and get some air. During this period, a lot of weird shit happens. There are a lot of whackjobs in this city, and they always seem to come out when I’m at work. I have to deal with countless homeless people trying to come in and use the bathroom or get a drink with whatever money they have “acquired” throughout the day. Since I’m not supposed to profile, I try to come up with imaginative ways to deny them access.

Aside from dealing with the local “flavor”, I have a ton of amazing conversations outside late at night. You can meet people from all walks of life with all sorts of experiences. There are a lot of regulars who like to be acknowledged when they come in. One of these regulars, is a guy named “Carlos” (not his real name). Carlos is a short, 25-year-old with spiky hair. He works a couple blocks away as a cook at Chili’s and usually comes in alone after his shift to toss back a few. He speaks broken English, but I have been conversating with him on the regular.

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